5 Royales


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Artist / Band: 5 Royales
Title / Titel: The Complete Singles 1952-1962
Label: Real Gone Music Company
Format: 4CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

Bedside Of A Neighbor
Journey's End
Come Over Here
Let Nothing Separate Me
Too Much Of A Little Bit
Give Me One More Change
Courage To Love
You Know I Know
Baby Don't Do It
Take All Of Me (Baby)
Help Me, Somebody
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
Too Much Lovin'
Laundromat Blues
I Want To Thank You
All Righty
I Do
Good Things
I'm Gonna Run It Down
Behave Yourself
Cry Some More
I Like It Like That
Monkey Hips And Rice
Devil With The Rest
What's That
Let Me Come Back Home
School Girl
One Mistake
With All Your Heart (Put Something In It)
6 O'Clock In The Morning
Every Dog Has His Day
You Didn't Learn It At Home
How I Wonder
Mohawk Squaw
I Need Your Lovin' Baby
When I Get Like This
Women About To Make Me Go Crazy
Do Unto You
I Ain't Getting Caught
Someone Made You For Me
When You Walked Through The Door
Right Around The Corner
I Could Love You
My Wants For Love
Get Something Out Of It
Come On And Save Me
Just As I Am
Mine Forever
Tears Of Joy
Thirty Second Lover
I'd Better Make A Move
Messin' Up
Say It
Dedicated To The One I Love
Don't Be Ashamed
Do The Cha Cha Cherry
The Feeling Is Real
Tell The Truth
Double Or Nothing
The Slummer The Slum
Don't Let It Be In Vain
Your Only Love
The Real Thing
Miracle Of Love
I Know It's Hard But It's Fair
Tell Me You Care
Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone
My Sugar Sugar
It Hurt's Inside
Please, Please, Please
I Got To Know
Solid Rock
I'm A Cool Teenager
Don't Give More Than You Can Take
I'm With You
(Something Moves Me) Within My Heart
Now Baby Don't Do It
Everybody Knows
Please, Please Be Mine
Rain Drops Keep A Fallin'
Here It 'Tis, Right Here
If You Don't Need Me
I'm Gonna Tell Them
Much In Need
They Don't Know
Send Me Somebody
Come On Let's Have A Good Time
Help Me Somebody
Talk About My Woman Part 1
Talk About My Woman Part 2
Take Me With You Baby
Not Going To Cry
Catch That Teardrop
Goof Ball
What's In The Heart
I Want It Like That