Bennett, Duster - The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Floating World 2018

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Artist / Band: Bennett, Duster
Titel: The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
Label: Floating World 2018
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

Disk: 1
1. Hard to resist
2. It's a man down there (Single Version)
3. Things are changing (Single Version)
4. Worried mind
5. Life is a dirty deal
6. Country jam
7. Trying to paint it in the sky
8. Times like these
9. My lucky day
10. Got a tongue in your head!
11. Jumping at shadows
12. 40 minutes from town
13. Shame, shame, shame
14. My love is your love
15. Shady little baby
16. Raining in your heart (Single Version)
17. Jumpin' for joy (Single Version)
  18. She lived her life too fast (Live)
19. Just like a fish (Live)
20. What a dream (Live)
21. Just like I treat you (Live)
22. Talk to me (Live)

Disk: 2
1. I'm the one (Live)
2. I wonder if you know (how it is) (Live)
3. My babe / She's my baby (Live)
4. Honest I do (Live)
5. Bright lights big city (Live)
6. Fresh country jam (Live)
7. I'm gonna wind up ending up or I'm gonna end up winding up with you (Single Version)
8. Rock of ages cleft for me (Single Version)
9. Slim's tune
10. I chose to sing the blues (Single Version)
11. Sugar beet
12. I love my baby
13. Vitamin pills
14. Everyday
15. Act nice and gentle
16. Woman without love
17. That mean old look
18. Sweeter than sugar
19. On reconsideration
20. Hill St. rag
21. If you could hang your washing like you hang your lines
22. I want you to love me