Bloomfield, Michael - Living in the Fast Lane PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES

Angel Air Records ‎2018

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Artist / Band: Bloomfield, Michael
Titel: Living in the Fast Lane PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES
Label: Angel Air Records ‎2018
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1 Maudie 3:10
2 Shine On Love 4:48
3 Roots 3:19
4 Let Them Talk 5:06
5 Watkin's Rag 1:46
6 Andy's Bad 3:46
7 When I Get Home 4:20
8 Used To It 2:43
9 Big C Blues 3:34
10 The Dizz Rag 3:38
Bonus Track
11 Maudie

Digitally remastered edition. Michael Bloomfield was a talented guitarist who found fame and fortune as part of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band as well as solo album success. Living In The Fast Lane was released in 1981 just after his death and contained material recorded in various places over the years and Record World said in it's review then "a fitting testament to his musicianship.