Stone the Crows - Live Crows 1972/73

Angel Air Records 2008

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Artist / Band: Stone the Crows
Titel: Live Crows 1972/73
Label: Angel Air Records 2008
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

Live Montreux 1972
CD1-1 Friends 9:19
CD1-2 Penicillin Blues 6:53
CD1-3 Love 74 11:28
CD1-4 Danger Zone 6:15
CD1-5 Hollis Brown 21:01
In Concert, Beat Workshop, Germany, 1973
DVD2-1 On The Highway
DVD2-2 Going Down
DVD2-3 Penicillin Blues
DVD2-4 Niagara
DVD2-5 Sunset Cowboy
DVD2-6 Palace Of The King
DVD2-7 Good Time Girl
Bonus Features
DVD2-8 Interviews with Maggie Bell and Colin Allen
DVD2-9 History of Stone The Crows by Rich Wilson