Peter Gabriel

Growing Up Live + Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped

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Artist / Band: Peter Gabriel
Title / Titel: Growing Up Live + Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped
Label: Universal Music Group 2016
Format: BluRay
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

1. Growing Up Live
BD-1 Here Comes the Flood
BD-2 Darkness
BD-3 Red Rain
BD-4 Secret World
BD-5 Sky Blue
BD-6 Downside Up
BD-7 The Barry Williams Show
BD-8 More Than This
BD-9 Mercy Street
BD-10 Digging in the Dirt
BD-11 Growing Up
BD-12 Animal Nation (Feat. Dr Hukwe Zawose & Charles Zawose)
BD-13 Solsbury Hill
BD-14 Sledgehammer
BD-15 Signal to Noise (Feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
BD-16 In Your Eyes
BD-17 Father, Son
19. Extras
BD-18 Growing Up On Tour A Family Portrait - A Film By Anna Gabriel
BD-19 The Story Of Growing Up - A Film By York Tillyer
BD-20 Tony Levin's Tour Photographs
BD-21 Still Growing Up Unwrapped
24. Studio Footage 2002
BD-22 Darkness
BD-23 No Way Out
BD-24 Growing Up
28. BBC Later... With Jools Holland
BD-25 Downside Up
BD-26 Father, Son
31. Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped
DVD-1 The Feeling Begins
DVD-2 Red Rain
DVD-3 Secret World
DVD-4 White Ashes
DVD-5 Games Without Frontiers
DVD-6 Burn You Up, Burn You Down
DVD-7 The Tower That Ate People
DVD-8 San Jacinto
DVD-9 Digging In The Dirt
DVD-10 Solsbury Hill
DVD-11 Sledgehammer
DVD-12 Come Talk To Me
DVD-13 Biko
45. Extras
DVD-14 In Your Eyes
DVD-15 No Self Control