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Artist / Band: Placebo
Title / Titel: We come in Pieces [Blu-ray]
Label: Edel Germany GmbH 2011
Format: BluRay
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

Region: 2 - 179 mins.
This concert was filmed at London's Brixton Academy in September 2010 at the culmination of the world tour in support of their "Battle For The Sun" album released the previous year. The tour had been an unqualified success with the band playing to over 2.5 million fans in all parts of the world. The concert film is a visual feast enhancing the live footage with skilful editing and selective digital effects to create a stunning film that really captures the essence of a Placebo live performance.

01 Nancy Boy
02 Ashtray Heart
03 Battle For The Sun
04 Soulmates
05 Kitty Litter
06 Every You Every Me
07 Special Needs
08 Breathe Underwater
09 The Never-Ending Why
10 Bright Lights
11 Meds
12 Teenage Angst
13 All Apologies
14 For What It's Worth
15 Song To Say Goodbye
16 Bitter End
17 Mendelssohn
18 Trigger Happy Hands
19 Post Blue
20 Infra-Red
21 Taste In Men

Worldwide Live Tracks: "Kitty Litter" (Switzerland '09), "Speak In Tongues" (Mexico '09), "For What It's Worth" (Japan '09), "Breathe Underwater" (Germany 10), "Bright Lights" (Switzerland 10), "Trigger Happy Hands" (Belgium '10); Documentary "Coming Up For Air" (ca. 60 Min./engl., frz. und span. UT); Booklet;