Curreri, Paul

Songs For Devon Sproule KELLY JOE PHELPS

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Artist / Band: Curreri, Paul
Title / Titel: Songs For Devon Sproule KELLY JOE PHELPS
Label: Tin Angel 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed Digipack

1. Greenville
2. Letting Us Be
3. Night Jet Trails
4. If Your Work Is Shouting
5. Tomorrow We'll Wake Again
6. Come Near To Me
7. The Last Year Of The Red Breast
8. Louise
9. Fishbowl
10. It's A Little Room (And I Need A Little Room)
11. Beneath A Crozet Trestle Bridge Slide Guitar – Kelly Joe Phelps
12. Long Gone Again
13. Tomorrow Night