L.A. Salami

Dancing With Bad Grammar

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Artist / Band: L.A. Salami
Title / Titel: Dancing With Bad Grammar
Label: Sunday Best Recordings 2016
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed Digisleeve

1 L.A. Salami: Going Mad As The Street Bins
2 L.A. Salami: & Bird
3 L.A. Salami: No Hallelujahs Now
4 L.A. Salami: Anything's Greener Than Burnt Grass
5 L.A. Salami: I Wear This Because Life Is War!
6 L.A. Salami: The City Nowadays
7 Papa Stokely: Papa Stokely (skit)
8 L.A. Salami: I Can't Slow Her Down
9 L.A. Salami: Loosley On My Mind
10 L.A. Salami: Why Don't You Help Me
11 L.A. Salami: Day to Day (for 6 days a week)
12 L.A. Salami: Def(a)ormation Days
13 L.A. Salami: Aristotle Ponders The Sound
14 L.A. Salami: My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire