Previn, Dory

Live At Carnegie Hall

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Artist / Band: Previn, Dory
Title / Titel: Live At Carnegie Hall
Label: BGO Records 1998
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

1 Mythical Kings And Iguanas
2 Scared To Be Alone
3 I Ain't His Child
4 I Dance And Dance And Smile And Smile
5 Esther's First Communion
6 The Veterans Big Parade / Play It Again Sam
7 Don't Put Him Down
8 Yada Yada La Scala
9 The Lady With The Braid
10 The Midget's Lament
11 Left Hand Lost
12 When A Man Wants A Woman
13 Angels And Devils The Following Day
14 Mary C Brown And The Hollywood Sign
15 Be Careful, Baby, Be Careful
16 Twenty-Mile Zone
17 Michael Michael
18 Moon Rock
19 Going Home (Mythical Kings And Iguanas)