Strang, John

Shame & Stigma

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Artist / Band: Strang, John
Title / Titel: Shame & Stigma
Label: Seelie Court Digital 2021
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut, digisleeve

1. Troubled In Mind (Part A)
1 Fox On The Run
2 It's Been One Hell Of A Long Year
3 Now That You've Been Gone A Week
4 I Saw You (Walk Past My Door)
5 Meteor In The Sky
6 Walking On The Moon (Illusion Or Delusion?)
8. Crisis And Asylum (Part B)
7 Doctor, Come Quickly
8 I Am The Doctor
9 Yesterday, They Took Me To The Doctor (Psychiatry Soliloquy)
10 So They Took Her Away To The Hospital
11 Maybe The Doctor Was Right
12 In The Morning
15. Treatment And Recovery (Part C)
13 I Know You've Got Troubles Of Your Own (But That's OK)
14 Family Feud
15 Like A Fish Left Dry (Marriage On The Rocks)
16 Can You See Yourself On The Other Side?
17 Help Me Make It Through Another Day
18 All Things That Have Been
22. Moving On (Part D)
19 My Little Revolution
20 And Just Because
21 My Cottage By The Sea
22 The Crab
23 Moving On (Instrumental)