Layers Of Live + DVD

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Artist / Band: Darkane
Title / Titel: Layers Of Live + DVD
Label: Listenable 2010
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed Super Jewelcase

Live At The Tivoli 54:40
CD-01 Amnesia Of The Wildoerian Apocalypse 4:46
CD-02 Godforsaken Universe 4:09
CD-03 Emanation Of Fear 4:34
CD-04 July 1999 4:11
CD-05 Fatal Impact 3:42
CD-06 Layers Of Lies 4:33
CD-07 Organic Canvas 5:01
CD-08 Violence From Within 4:21
CD-09 Third 4:05
CD-10 Chaos Vs Order 5:02
CD-11 Convicted 5:28
CD-12 Secondary Effects 4:08
CD-13 Innocence Gone 4:46
CD-14 Inverted Spheres 1:43
Live At The Tivoli 54:40
DVD-01 Amnesia Of The Wildoerian Apocalypse
DVD-02 Godforsaken Universe
DVD-03 Emanation Of Fear
DVD-04 July 1999
DVD-05 Fatal Impact
DVD-06 Layers Of Lies
DVD-07 Organic Canvas
DVD-08 Violence From Within
DVD-09 Third
DVD-10 Chaos Vs Order
DVD-11 Convicted
DVD-12 Secondary Effects
DVD-13 Innocence Gone
DVD-14 Inverted Spheres
Bonus Live Features 49:29
DVD-15 Parasites Of The Unexplained
DVD-16 The Rape Of Mankind
DVD-17 A Wisdoms Breed
DVD-18 Submission
DVD-19 Rusted Angel
DVD-20 Solitary Confinement
DVD-21 Hostile Phantasm
DVD-22 Distress
DVD-23 Chaos Vs Order
DVD-24 Organic Canvas
Official Video Releases 18:04
DVD-25 Innocence Gone
DVD-26 Chaos Vs Order
DVD-27 Secondary Effects
DVD-28 Layers Of Lies
Studio Diaries - The Recording Of... 37:25
DVD-29 Rusted Angel
DVD-30 Insanity
DVD-31 Expanding Senses
DVD-32 Layers Of Lies
Touring Diaries 45:34
DVD-33 The Early Years
DVD-34 Milwaukee
DVD-35 Holland
DVD-36 Italy
DVD-37 Japan
DVD-38 Sweden
DVD-39 Israel
DVD-41 Europe