Hayes, Darren

The Time Machine Tour

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Artist / Band: Hayes, Darren
Title / Titel: The Time Machine Tour
Label: Absolute 2015
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack


DVD-1 Introduction
DVD-2 The Future Holds A Lion's Heart
DVD-3 Who Would Have Thought
DVD-4 Waking The Monster
DVD-5 How To Build A Time Machine
DVD-6 Neverland
DVD-7 Insatiable
DVD-8 On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
DVD-9 Listen All You People
DVD-10 The Best Thing
DVD-11 The Only One
DVD-12 Void
DVD-13 Darkness
DVD-14 Step Into The Light
DVD-15 I Like The Way
DVD-16 Words
DVD-17 Casey
DVD-18 So Beautiful
DVD-19 Affirmation
DVD-20 I Want You
DVD-21 Me Myself And I
DVD-22 The Great Big Disconnect
Bonus Live CD
CD-1 The Future Holds A Lion's Heart
CD-2 Who Would Have Thought
CD-3 Waking The Monster
CD-4 How To Build A Time Machine
CD-5 The Only One
CD-6 Darkness
CD-7 Step Into The Light
CD-8 Casey