Soto, Jeff Scott

Beautiful Mess + 2 Bonustracks + DVD JOURNEY YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

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Artist / Band: Soto, Jeff Scott
Title / Titel: Beautiful Mess + 2 Bonustracks + DVD JOURNEY YNGWIE MALMSTEEN
Label: Frontiers 2009
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

CD-1 21st Century 3:53
CD-2 Cry Me A River 3:43
CD-3 Gin & Tonic Sky 3:55
CD-4 Hey 3:36
CD-5 Broken Man 3:36
CD-6 Mountain 3:49
CD-7 Our Song 3:19
CD-8 Eye 2:49
CD-9 Bring It Home 3:52
CD-10 Testify 4:10
CD-11 Wherever You Wanna Go 3:25
CD12 Kick It 4:04
Bonus Tracks:
CD-13 Heart Starts Healing 3:25
CD-14 Take U Over With Me 3:26

DVD-1 21st Century : Video
DVD-2 Gin & Tonic Sky : Video
DVD-3 Hey : Video
DVD-4 Gin & Tonic Sky (Piano) : Video
DVD-5 What A Beautiful Mess' Promo Video

Bonus DVD also includes MP4 'ready to play' versions of music videos. Plus Photo Gallery & PC Wallpapers.

Ex - Member Of JOURNEY / Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force