Current 93

Judas As Black Moth

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Artist / Band: Current 93
Title / Titel: Judas As Black Moth
Label: Sanctuary Records 2005
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Disc 1
1. The long shadow falls
2. Good morning, great moloch
3. Mockingbird
4. Mary waits in silence
5. Sunset
6. Alone
7. Calling for vanished faces I
8. A gothic love song (For N.)
9. Oh coal black Smith
10. They return to their earth
11. Lucifer over London
12. Walking like shadow
13. Niemandswasser
14. All the pretty little horses
15. Calling for vanished faces II
16. All the world makes great blood
17. So: this empire is nothing
18. Whilst the night rejoices profound and still

Disc 2
1. Where the long shadow falls
2. Larkspur and Lazarus
3. The inmost light itself
4. The great, bloddy and bruised veil of this world
5. All the pretty little horses
6. Red hawthorn tree
7. The signs in the stars
8. The death of the corn
9. Time tryeth truth
10. The bloodbells chime
11. Sleep has his house
12. Sad-go-round
13. The teeth of the winds of the sea
14. A soft voice whispers nothing