Kill Switch...Klick

Beat It to Fit, Paint It to Match

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Artist / Band: Kill Switch...Klick
Title / Titel: Beat It to Fit, Paint It to Match
Label: Cleopatra 1995
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed Cutout

1. 'Music'
2. Celebrate the Misery
3. Follow Me
4. Hobble
5. Hiroshima...
6. A/B Continuity
7. Once a Punk, Always a Punk
8. Submission [Original Demo Version]
9. 'Sick Music'
10. So Happy
11. Object of My Desire
12. One Sided Argument
13. Anger
14. Keep on Laughing Until the Cops Come
15. Sniveler
16. Go Man, Go
17. Forgotten Shore
18. DeCanonized

Chanelle - Sampling, Vocals
D.A. Sebasstian - Producer, Programming, Sampling, Synthesizer, Vocals, Wood Recorder
Dan K - Photography
Doug Haire - Mastering
Kill Switch...Klick - Main Performer
Mike Ditmore - Drums, Percussion
Paul Wynia - Bass
Rosie Huntress - Vocals (Background)