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Artist / Band: Cemetary
Title / Titel: Phantasma LIMITED EDT
Label: Black Mark 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed digipack

1. Far from God
2. Plasma phantasma
3. Basic black
4. Down cold
5. Coma burn
6. 2nd last to nowhere
7. Wavecell
8. Drowning out the world
9. Tapes of their voices

Members: Anders Iwers, Anton Hedberg, Christian Saarinen, Juha Sievers, Manne Engström, Markus Nordberg, Mathias Lodmalm, Thomas Josefsson, Zriuko Culjak
Genres: Swedish Death Metal, Gothic Metal

"Phantasma" is Cemetary's return to the musical world after a hiatus of 8 long years. These 8 years can definitely be heard as their style has move a step down in pace, some songs even two. What is also new to the menu is the spice of industrial and distortion in vocals giving the impression that Cemetary was slightly influenced by Marilyn Manson (in a good way one might add). After 8 years you should never expect an album that sounds exactly like the previous one, in fact you should never do that in general. What you can expect is a fresh Gothic Metal album by Cemetary and it sounds pretty kick ass and deep at the same time!