Holy Moses

Disorder of the Order

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Artist / Band: Holy Moses
Title / Titel: Disorder of the Order
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Intro
2. We Are At War
3. Disorder Of The Order
4. Break The Evil
5. Deeper
6. Hell On Earth
7. I Bleed
8. Blood Bond
9. 1.000 Lies
10. Princess Of Hell
11. Verfolgungswahn
12. Heaven Vs. Hell

Members: Sabina Classen, Michael Hankel, Oliver Jaath, Atomic Steiff, Thomas Neitsch, Jörn Schubert, Thilo Hermann, Franky Brotz, Rainer Laws, Georgie Symbos, Andy Classen, Iggy, Tom Hirtz, Jochen Fünders, Ramon Brüssler, Jean-Claude, Andre Chapelier
Genres: Trash Metal

Holy Moses - holy moly! Just a few bands manage to re-activate their past potential after a hiatus but Holy Moses definitely did. Sabina's aggression lives through all her death growls bringing some serious vibration into the mid-high speed tracks with walls of melodic guitarrs and heavy crispy riffs. People expected the full-length follow up to the "Master of Disaster" EP to be a disaster however it delivered in every aspect and make this record a strong contribution to Holy Moses's catalogue - quality Thrash Metal from Germany!