Harem Scarem - Mood Swing II (Digipak) CD+DVD

Frontiers Records 2013

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

Artist / Band: Harem Scarem
Titel: Mood Swing II (Digipak) CD+DVD
Label: Frontiers Records 2013
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed Digipack

CD-1 Saviors Never Cry 4:03
CD-2 No Justice 4:40
CD-3 Stranger Than Love 3:57
CD-4 Change Comes Around 5:06
CD-5 Jealousy 4:10
CD-6 Sentimental Blvd 4:32
CD-7 Mandy (Instrumental) 1:55
CD-8 Empty Promises 4:08
CD-9 If There Was A Time 4:54
CD-10 Just Like I Planned 2:40
CD-11 Had Enough 3:34
CD-12 World Gone To Pieces 4:43
CD-13 Anarchy 4:24
CD-14 A Brighter Day 4:09
DVD-1 Re-Making Of Mood Swings
Audio Files
DVD-2 Saviors Never Cry
DVD-3 No Justice
DVD-4 Change Comes Around