Dumas, Alexandre

The Count Of Monte Cristo BILL HOMEWOOD

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Artist / Band: Dumas, Alexandre
Title / Titel: The Count Of Monte Cristo BILL HOMEWOOD
Label: Naxos Audiobooks 1995
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

A1 The Arrival Of The Pharaon
A2 A Beautiful Girl - Mercedes
A3 Valentine De Villefort - Procureur Du Roi
A4 Villefort Gains The Royal Ear
A5 Incarceration In The Chateau D'If
A6 Education - And A Revelation
A7 A Shroud And Escape
A8 The Island Of Monte Cristo
A9 Names From The Past
A10 A Mysterious Englishman
A11 Monte Cristo Again
A12 An Execution In Rome

B1 Parisian Society
B2 Valentine De Villefort And Maximilian Morrel
B3 Noirtier Objects
B4 An Apparition Begs
B5 A Ball - And A Sudden Death
B6 The Past Catches Up
B7 Fernand De Morcerf Confirmed A Traitor
B8 Valentine Collapses
B9 Andrea Reveals His Father's Identity
B10 Baron Danglars' Fate
B11 A Love Confessed