Fitzgerald, Scott F.

The Great Gatsby WILLIAM HOPE

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Artist / Band: Fitzgerald, Scott F.
Title / Titel: The Great Gatsby WILLIAM HOPE
Label: Naxos Audiobooks 1995
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Disc 1
1 No More Privileged Glimpses Into The Human Heart Except...
2 Fashionable East Egg And The Tom Buchanans
3 Daisy And Miss Baker
4 In The Shadow Of My Neighbour's Mansion - Mr. Gatsby
5 A Party In The Apartment
6 A Party At Gatsby's
7 Gatsby Himself
8 The Embers Of The Party
9 Partying At Gatsby's Again
10 Gatsby Tells His Story
11 'My Friend, Mr. Wolfshiem'
12 Jordan Baker Elaborates

Disc 2
1 The Meeting
2 Illusions - A Tour Of Gatsby's Home
3 James Gatz - The Early Years
4 The Buchanans At West Egg
5 The Lights Go Out At Gatsby's
6 Tom And Gatsby At Conflict
7 Information From The Subsequent Inquest
8 Memories, Alive And Present
9 'Goodbye Gatsby'
10 Wilson Probes
11 A Thin Red Cirlce In The Water
12 More Different Memories
13 'Boats Against The Current'