Cole, Nat King

For Sentimental Reasons

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Artist / Band: Cole, Nat King
Title / Titel: For Sentimental Reasons
Label: Dreyfus 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. This is my night
2. For sentimental reasons
3. I've got a way with women
4. I'll string along with you
5. Walking my baby back home
6. Portrait of Jennie
7. If you can't smile and say yes
8. Cole capers
9. What can I say after I say I'm sorry?
10. I used to love you
11. If I had you
12. I'm in the mood for love
13. 'Deed I do
14. Don't blame me
15. Orange colored sky
16. On the sunny side of the street
17. Bop kick
18. I'm an errand boy for rhythm
19. That's my girl
20. You're the cream in my coffee
21. It's only a paper moon