In Search of Love - The Story Of The Tango DEFEKT

Quantum Leap 2003

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Artist / Band: In Search of Love
Titel: The Story Of The Tango DEFEKT
Label: Quantum Leap 2003
Format: DVD
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It is neither easy to classify nor to describe this phenomenon we call the tango. We can say, however, that it is a form of expression that was able to find what human sexuality lacked. For him, it was his way of being with a woman, a way to be together, a couple, a satisfaction beyond sexual consumption as she was always waiting for the next paying customer.
The tango allows the two individuals to understand one another without having to utter a single word - to understand and respect one another in perfect harmony and fuse into a single entity that creates a common story within the span of...a tango.
IN SEARCH OF LOVE, traces the history of the Tango from the pioneers to it's golden age.

Although it has come to epitomize the glamour and elegance of high society, with women in sleek glittering evening gowns and men in tux and tails, the tango originated in society's underbelly - the brothels of turn-of-the century Argentina. As immigrants from Europe. Africa, and ports unknown streamed into the outskirts of Buenos Aires during the 1880's and from this heady, intermingled cultural brew emerged a new music which became the tango.

As it became absorbed into the larger society, the tango lost some of its abrasiveness. The structure of the dance, however, remained intact, and soon the tango developed into a worldwide phenomenon heralding the birth of a star who is still celebrated five decades after his death, the handsome, charismatic singer Carlos Gardel.

When Juan Peron rose to power in 1946 the tango again reached the pinnacle of popularity as both he and his wife Evita embraced it wholeheartedly. Yet, with Evita's death in 1952, the tango again fell from the mainstream spotlight but since the 1970's the tango has enjoyed a renaissance of popularity, keeping the fire of this daring art form burning brightly.