Kansas - Miracles Out of Nowhere

Epic 2015

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Produktzustand NEU, OVP / sealed

Artist / Band: Kansas
Titel: Miracles Out of Nowhere
Label: Epic 2015
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

NTSC / Region: 0
Miracles Out Of Nowhere 1:17:37
DVD-1 There's No Place Like Home
DVD-2 Kansas Is A Band
DVD-3 The Only Offer We Got
DVD-4 Making The First Album
DVD-5 Living On The Road
DVD-6 Song For America
DVD-7 Masque
DVD-8 Leftoverture
DVD-9 Point Of Know Return
DVD-10 The Top Of The Mountain
DVD-11 Credits
Companion CD Of Greatest Hits And Deep Cuts
CD-1 Intro: Dialogue
CD-2 The Pilgrimage
CD-3 Rock Concert: Dialogue
CD-4 Can I Tell You (Live)
CD-5 The First Album: Dialogue
CD-6 Journey From The Mariabronn
CD-7 The Second Album: Dialogue
CD-8 Song For America
CD-9 Down The Road
CD-10 Masque: Dialogue
CD-11 Icarus (borne On The Wings Of Steel)
CD-12 The Pinnacle
CD-13 Leftoverture: Dialogue
CD-14 The Wall
CD-15 Wayward Son: Dialogue
CD-16 Carry On Wayward Son
CD-17 Kerry The Songwriter: Dialogue
CD-18 Miracles Out Of Nowhere
CD-19 Theme For A New Record:dialogue
CD-20 Point Of Know Return
CD-21 Finger Exercise: Dialogue
CD-22 Dust In The Wind
CD-23 The Miracle: Dialogue
CD-24 Nobody's Home