Clan Sutherland Pipe Band

Pipes and Drums of Scotland

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Artist / Band: Clan Sutherland Pipe Band
Title / Titel: Pipes and Drums of Scotland
Label: Arc Music 1995
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

1 Scotland The Brave/The Rowan T
2 Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome To
3 Pipe Solo By Craig Macintosh/H
4 June Rollo's Ronnie/The Campbe
5 Raigmore/Doctor Macinne's Fanc
6 The Gathering/Naill From Glenr
7 Kopenitsa/Scottish Small Pipes
8 Pipe Solo By Pete Tait/John Ma
9 Pipe Solo By Ryan Lessels/Miss
10 The Green Hills Of Tyrol/When
11 William Sloanes Air/Jacks Jig/
12 The Highland Wedding/Tulloch C
13 The Glendaruel Highlanders/Lea
14 The Cirassin Circle/The Waterh