asian chill

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Artist / Band: VA
Title / Titel: asian chill
Label: Music and Melody 2015
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed Box Set

1.Moonlight Sound Design - Intro1:06
2.Mystic Diversions - Orient Dream4:52
3.Ethnic Colours - Heart Of India3:14
4.Savage Spirits - Aphrodivina (Rudy R. Mix)5:50
5.Terracotta - Dance With Shiva6:13
6.Flam - Monsoon6:07
7.Wax Poetic - On2:30
8.Introduction By Topazz - Orion V 3.01:24
9.Terracotta - Whispers3:34
10.Sarma - Muel4:49
11.Riccardo Eberspacher - Temple Flute4:04
12.Terracotta - Ever Rest5:32
13.Wax Poetic - Angels3:52
14.Terracotta - Dancing On The Path15:32
1.Cubismo Grafico - Make Peace For Baby Boom2:44
2.Jettricks - Love Hangover5:49
3.Rivera Rotation - Sundowner6:41
4.Visitors Of Venus - Bingelsession3:55
5.Johann Gottfried Soundsystem - Pop Easy2:44
6.Space Kelly - I Won't Last A Day Without You (Instrumental)4:42
7.Boca 45 - Walking In The City (Instrumental)4:04
8.Lucky Loop - Better Days7:10
9.Gator - Family & Friends5:49
10.Lemn - The Elevator (Freedom Satellite Mix)5:29
11.Timax - Azucar Morena5:59
12.Vincenzo & Rivera - Tu Estas Fatal5:01
1.Rivera Rotation - On The Beach (Original Vocal Mix)8:11
2.Orgatronics - Briga4:45
3.The New Mastersounds Feat. Cor - Your Love Is Mine5:15
4.Johann Gottfreid Soundsystem - Jazz Relax0:52
5.Timax - Stay With Me2:54
6.La Taverne Du Lac - Magic Single Barrel (Mo' Horizons Chillmix)5:57
7.Mankoora - Sunshine Bossa3:24
8.Eddie Roberts - Every Goodbye5:16
9.Zimpala - Mismo6:20
10.Jettricks - Nin-com-pop4:34
11.Rollin Hand - Focus Pocus5:28