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Artist / Band: Wonderfools
Title / Titel: Future Classics HELLACOPTERS TURBONEGRO
Label: Wild Kingdom 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

Like Hellacopters or Turbonegro. From Norway!

1.Secrets and lies
3.Hangin in hangin out
4.Hungry eyes
5.All I want is you
6.Woman! Woman! Woman!
7.The machine
8.Femme fatale
9.Devil woman
10.Do you remember
11.Big in Japan

Members: Thomas, Zugly, Joey, Chris, Mags
Genres: Swedish Metal, Punk Rock, Rock, Melodic Metal

After departing, re-uniting and times of reconciliation "Future Classics" is the band's overall third full-length album release and their second of third works on label Wild Kingdom, published in 2004. Playing pre-act for Böhse Onkelz the band proved to be on top of their punk rock game always spicing things up with melodic and classical elements with a bit of swedish metal inbetween, not only future classic, instant classic!