Collins, Edwyn - Losing Sleep AZTEC CAMERA THE SMITHS


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Artist / Band: Collins, Edwyn
Title / Titel: Losing Sleep AZTEC CAMERA THE SMITHS
Label: Heavenly
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed digipack

1. Losing Sleep
2. What Is My Role
3. Do It Again
4. Humble
5. Come Tomorrow Come Today
6. Bored
7. In Your Eyes
8. I Still Believe In You
9. Over The Hill
10. It Dawns On Me
11. All My Days
12. Searching For The Truth

features guest appearances from Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy, Aztec Camera's Roddy Frame, Johnny Marr, The Cribs' Ryan Jarman and Jacob Graham, Connor Hanwick and Jonathan Pierce of The Drums.