Road To Ruin

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Artist / Band: Ramones
Title / Titel: Road To Ruin
Label: Warner Bros. 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Slipcase

1. I just want to have something to do
2. I wanted everything
3. Don't come close
4. I don't want you
5. Needles & pins
6. I'm against it
7. I wanna be sedated
8. Go mental
9. Questioningly
10. She's the one
11. Bad brain
12. It's a long way back
13. I want you around (Ed Stasium Version)
14. Rock'n'roll high school (Ed Stasium Version)
15. She's the one
16. Come back, she cried a.k.a. I walk out (Demo)
17. Yea, yea (Demo)