Six Reasons to Kill / Absidia

Morphology of Fear

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Artist / Band: Six Reasons to Kill / Absidia
Title / Titel: Morphology of Fear
Label: Bastardized
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Six Reasons To Kill War 4:03
2. Six Reasons To Kill Drown In Frustration 2:49
3. Six Reasons To Kill In The Name Of God 2:40
4. Six Reasons To Kill Gates To Eternity 3:00
5. Absidia Conspiracy Theory 3:08 Instrumental
6. Absidia No Longer Willing To Wither 4:59
7. Absidia Written In Minor Key 4:12
8. Absidia Reversal Of A Broken Hearted 4:35