Princess Superstar

American Gigolo III

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Artist / Band: Princess Superstar
Title / Titel: American Gigolo III
Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records, International Deejay Gigolo Records 2007
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

1 Dibaba: Happy Birthday, Mr President 2:06
2 Hell: Let No Man Jack (Abe Duque Remix) 3:16
3 MU: Let's Get Sick 1:38
4a Vitalic: You Prefer Cocaine 5:15
4b M.I.A. (2): Bucky Done Gun
5 Digitaria: Teen Years 2:37
6a Miss Kittin & The Hacker: 1982 2:38
6b Sebastien San: Interplanetary (Lightspeed Mix)
7 DJ's Are Not Rock Stars: European Accent 3:22
8a The Presets (2): Steamworks (Princess Superstar Remix) 2:23
8b Crooklyn Clan: Yes We Can
9 The Cosmonauts Of Innerspace: Kung Foo 2:15
10 Freaks: No Way Back (Demo Version) 2:45
11 Human Resource: Dominator (Is Hell The One And Only Dominator? - DJ Hell Remix) 2:09
12a The Diskokaines: Rock A Boogie (Auto Repeat Remix) 5:23
12b The Model: You Are Always On My Mind
13a Fischerspooner: We Need A War (DJ Hell Berlin Mix) 3:59
13b Traxx (4), The Dirty Criminals: MTT Inversion
14 Zombie Nation: Call Center 2:00
15a P. Diddy, Felix Da Housecat: Jack U Vs. I'll House You (DJ Hell Mix) 4:40
15b Hell, Richard Bartz: 1234
16 Fat Truckers: Superbike 3:02
17 Christopher Just: I'm A Disco Dancer (John Tejada Remix) 1:32
18a Stephan Bodzin & Oliver Huntemann: Black Ice 4:15
18b Hell, Anthony Rother: German Body Machine
19 Arbotique: Chineater 1:04
20 XLOVER: Darling Nikki 3:41