Van Dyk, Paul


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Artist / Band: Van Dyk, Paul
Title / Titel: The Best Of 3-CD
Label: New State 2009
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU Digipack

Disk: 1
1. For An Angel [PvD Remix 09] (Paul van Dyk)
2. Home [PvD Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Johnny McDaid)
3. Let Go [Paul van Dyk Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Rea Garvey)
4. White Lies (Paul van Dyk ft .Jessica Sutta)
5. Nothing But You [PvD Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Hemstock and Jennings)
6. Another Way [Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk)
7. Forbidden Fruit [Original] (Paul van Dyk)
8. Together We Will Conquer [12 inch Mix] (Paul van Dyk)
9. New York City (Paul van Dyk and Starkillers and Austin Leeds ft. Ashley Tomberlin)
10. A Magical Moment (Paul van Dyk)
11. Words - for love (Paul van Dyk)
12. Tell Me Why - the riddle [PvD Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Saint Etienne)
13. The Other Side [Original Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Wayne Jackson)
14. We Are Alive (Paul van Dyk ft. Jennifer Brown)
15. Time Of Our Lives [PvD Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk ft. Vega 4)
16. For An Angel [E-Werk Club Mix] (Paul van Dyk)
Disk: 2
1. What Goes Around...Comes Around [Paul van Dyk Club Mix] (Justin Timberlake)
2. Elevation [The Vandit Club Mix] (U2)
3. Martyr [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Depeche Mode)
4. Pictures [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Timo Maas)
5. Moving To New York [Paul van Dyk Remix] (The Wombats)
6. Spooky [Out Of Order Mix] (New Order)
7. Love Stimulation [Love Mix] (Humate)
8. Holding On To Nothing [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Agnelli & Nelson)
9. Still Alive [Paul van Dyk Mix] (Lisa Miskovsky)
10. Guide Me God [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Ghostland ft. Sinead O'Conner & Natacha Atlas)
11. TBA (Titel steht noch nicht fest)
12. L'Esperanza [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Sven Väth)
13. Perfect Day (The Visions Of Shiva)
Disk: 3
1. Be Angeled [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Jam & Spoon ft. Rea)
2. 1998 [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Binary Finary)
3. Cream [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Blank & Jones]
4. Flaming June [BT & PvD Original Mix] (B.T.)
5. The Age Of Love [Love Ages Remix] (Age of Love)
6. Synaesthesia [Paul van Dyk Dub Mix] (The Thrillseekers)
7. 10 in 01 [Paul van Dyk Mix] (Members of Mayday)
8. Say Hello [Paul van Dyk Mix] (Deep Dish)
9. Sugar Daddy [Tripping On The Moon Remix] (Secret Knowledge)
10. Rendezvous [Quadraphonic Mix] (Tilt vs. Paul van Dyk)
11. Come With Me [Paul van Dyk Remix] (Qattara)
12. Gimme More [Paul van Dyk Club] (Britney Spears)