Cornwell, Hugh


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Artist / Band: Cornwell, Hugh
Title / Titel: Monster
Label: Sony Music, Silvertone Records 2018
Format: 2LP
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

A1 Pure Evel
A2 La Grande Dame
A3 The Most Beautiful Girl In Hollywood
A4 Mosin'
A5 Mr. Leather
B1 Bilko
B2 Robert
B3 Monster
B4 Attack Of The Major Sevens
B5 Duce Coochie Man

C1 Outside Tokyo
C2 Let Me Down Easy
C3 Souls
C4 Don't Bring Harry
C5 Goodbye Toulouse
D1 Ships That Pass In The Night
D2 Never Say Goodbye
D3 No More Heroes
D4 Big In America
D5 Always The Sun