Carnal Leftovers VINYL BOX BLACK

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Artist / Band: Nihilist
Title / Titel: Carnal Leftovers VINYL BOX BLACK
Label: Century Media 2009
Format: LP
Zustand: NEU

1. Premature Autopsy
A Sentenced To Death
B1 Supposed To Rot
B2 Carnal Leftovers
5. Only Shreds Remain
C1 Abnormally Deceased
C2 Revel In Flesh
D Face Of Evil
9. Drowned
E Severe Burns
F When Life Has Ceased
12. The "Head No Found" Session / The "Drowned" Session
G Morbid Devourment
H1 Radiation Sickness
H2 Face Of Evil
16. But Life Goes On
I1 But Life Goes On
I2 Shreds Of Flesh
J The Truth Beyond