Sylvian, David

Gone to Earth

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Artist / Band: Sylvian, David
Title / Titel: Gone to Earth
Label: Virgin 2006
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

Disk: 1
1. Taking the devil
2. Laughter and forgetting
3. Before the bullfight
4. Gone to earth
5. Wave
6. River man
7. Silver moon
8. River man (Remix)
9. Gone to earth (Remix)
10. Camp fire: Coyote country (Remix)

Disk: 2
1. The healing place
2. Answered prayers
3. Where the railroad meets the sea
4. The wooden cross
5. Silver moon over sleeping steeples
6. Camp fire: Coyote country
7. A bird o prey vanishes into a bright blue cloudless sky
8. Home
9. Sunlight seen through towering trees
10. Upon this earth