You and I


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Artist / Band: You and I
Title / Titel: Discography
Label: Alone
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

Track Listing
1. Forever Last A Moment
2. Achilles
3. All Imperfect Things
4. Day That Passes Through Us
5. Crossing The Rubicon
6. No Guilt On New Years Morning
7. Someday I'll Say Goodbye
8. Absence
9. Memory Loss
10. We All Bleed
11. When We Were One
12. Revision
13. Nights Like These
14. Smile
15. Saturday's Cab Ride Home
16. Something To Remember
17. Heart's Divide
18. Silent Morning Whisper
19. Seascape
Live tracks:
20. Pulse
21. Broc Landers And The Mustang Candy Cake
22. I Think I Know Where Elvis Lives
23. Tell Me About Your Childhood
24. Playing Off The Story