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Artist / Band: 10cc
Title / Titel: Greatest Hits 1972-1978
Label: Mercury NL 1979
Format: LP
Zustand: Gebraucht, gut, Vinyl VG+ Cover G Orig. Card Insert

A1 Rubber Bullets 4:45
A2 Donna 2:56
A3 Silly Love 3:17
A4 The Dean And I 2:52
A5 Life Is A Minestrone 4:27
A6 The Wall Street Shuffle 3:56
B1 Art For Arts Sake 4:21
B2 I'm Mandy, Fly Me 5:21
B3 Good Morning Judge 2:55
B4 The Things We Do For Love 3:23
B5 Dreadlock Holiday 5:01
B6 I'm Not In Love 6:05