8th Sin


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Artist / Band: 8th Sin
Title / Titel: Sinners Inc. OPHTALAMIA VONDUR
Label: Black Lodge 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Michael Bolin a.k.a IT from Abruptum, Opthalamia, Vondur and War presents his latest incarnation 8th Sin. Traditional metal coupled with electronica.

1. Karaoke life
2. Hello Japan
3. Sometimes & othertimes
4. Trip trap
5. Eastern empress
6. Dreamqueen
7. Sex fx
8. Sister
9. Money
10. Sinners
11. The eight sins (Part I)

Members: Michael Bohlin, Tony Särkkä
Genres: Swedish Power Metal, Gothic, Industrial

"Sinners Inc." is the band's debut album released 2004 on Century Media. It is a mix between techno and swedish power metal, extremely innovative, bass heavy and hard hitting - what are you waiting for?