Andromeda - II = I (Dream Theater Symphony X)

Century Media

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Artist / Band: Andromeda
Title / Titel: II = I (Dream Theater Symphony X)
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Encyclopedia
2. Mirages
3. Reaching Deep Within
4. Two Is One
5. Morphing into Nothing [Instrumental]
6. Castaway
7. Parasite
8. One in My Head
9. This Fragile Surface

Members: David Fremberg, Gert Daun, Johan Reinholdz, Martin Hedin, Thomas Lejon, Lawrence Mackrory
Genres: Swedish Progressive Metal, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal

Despite dropping Lawrence Mackrory as a singer and replacing him with David Fremberg nothing is new to this record.. except the whole record. Many fans were disappointed for they considered this album as illogic as its title, which however it's not. This album is a die hard progressive rock artwork in itself and to be seen as a musical detour as Andromeda themselves stated so don't expect yet another cooler sounding Andromeda jewel but rather some sort of abstract tribute to progressive music. "Avantgarde" is a word that of some sorts does comes to mind with this album. A record misunderstood by many and still sooo good. The keyboard stepped two steps back to give way to the guitars and the new singer.