Answer, the - Never Too Late EP + DVD

The End Records 2008

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Artist / Band: Answer, the
Titel: Never Too Late EP + DVD
Label: The End Records 2008
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

Never Too Late EP
CD1 Never Too Late 3:36
CD2 Highwater Or Hell 3:26
CD3 The Doctor 4:24
CD4 Come Follow Me (Live In Japan) 5:40
Bonus DVD 51:18
DVD1 Never Too Late 3:57
DVD2 Interview With Cormac 2:19
DVD3 Keep Believin' 3:31
DVD4 Interview With Paul 1:55
DVD5 Under The Sky 3:56
DVD6 Interview With James 2:54
DVD7 Let The Good Times Roll 7:19
DVD8 Come Follow Me 4:15
DVD9 Interview With Micky 4:37
DVD10 Be What You Want 3:54
DVD11 Live In Japan 7:39
DVD12 Under The Sky - Unplugged 4:28