With My Favorite Vegetables DON PRESTON ZAPPA

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Artist / Band: Ant-Bee
Title / Titel: With My Favorite Vegetables DON PRESTON ZAPPA
Label: Gonzo
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1 Lunar Egg-Clips Runs Amuck Ant-Bee 03:45
2 The Girl With the Stars In Her Hair Ant-Bee 06:30
3 Motorhead Snorks - Motorhead Speaks Ant-Bee 01:02
Jim Sherwood
4 "the Live Jam": Once the Clothes Are Off/Greenbeans, Stringbeans, & Other Assorted Vegetables/Moonpie - Cooked I Ant-Bee 14:02
5 Jimmy Carl Black Speakin' At Ya Ant-Bee 01:37
Jimmy Carl Black
6 In a Star Ant-Bee 03:08
7 Do You Like Worms? Ant-Bee 04:47
Van Dyke Parks / Brian Wilson
8 Bunk Speaks Ant-Bee 02:48
Bunk Gardner
9 Another Gardner Variation Ant-Bee 01:13
Bunk Gardner
10 Pachuco Falsetto Laughs Ant-Bee 00:14
Roy Estrada
11 Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree Ant-Bee 03:01
Roy Wood
12 Who Slew the Beast? Ant-Bee 06:11
13 Dom Dewild Speaks Ant-Bee 02:24
Don Preston
14 Dom Dewild Tranzforms (Before Your Very Ears) Ant-Bee 01:09
Don Preston
15 Dom Dewild Speaks Again Ant-Bee 01:03
Don Preston
16 Child of the Moon Ant-Bee 03:23
Mick Jagger
17 Come With Us Now Ant-Bee 03:02
18 Eighteen [Live] Ant-Bee 05:01
19 Cirrus Minor [Demo] Ant-Bee 02:03

Greg Brosius (Lunar Egg-Clips) – keyboards, freaky laughter
Bunk Gardner – saxophone, snorks, wheezes, assorted screams ( Ex ZAPPA )
Billy James (The Ant-Bee) – vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, mellotron, tape manipulations, production, illustration
Paul Lamb (Mr. Lambchop) – bass guitar, French horn
Rod Martin (Mod Martion) – guitar
Marc Ray Oxendine (The Tragic Sunbeam) – bass guitar, psaltery
Don Preston (Dom DeWilde) – keyboards, vegetables, assorted tranzformations (Ex ZAPPA )
Scott Renfroe (Reoccuring Schizms) – tape manipulations

Production and additional personnel

Jimmy Carl Black (The Indian of the Group) – spoken word, assorted munchkinizms
John Criss (Mr. Crisp) – piano on "Moonpie"
Roy Estrada (Pachuco Falsetto) – bizarre laughter
Roy Herman (Herman Monster) – guitar on "Moonpie," "Lunar Egg-Clips Run Amuck," "The Girl With The Stars In Her Hair," "The Live Jam," "Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree," and slide and electric guitar on, "Do You Like Worms."
Scott Kolden (Nedlok Tocs) – engineering, recording
Alan McBrayer – illustrations
Jim Sherwood (Euclid James Sherwood) – snorks, spoken word
Dan Simon – engineering
Rick Snyder (Purple Plastic Pengui) – bass guitar on "Worms"