Anthony, Nigel

Lawrence Durrell Balthazar (the Alexandria Quartet 2)

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Artist / Band: Anthony, Nigel
Title / Titel: Lawrence Durrell Balthazar (the Alexandria Quartet 2)
Label: Naxos 1995
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / Sealed

Total 3:56:14

Disc 1
1 'A Memory Catches Sight Of Itself In The Mirror'
2 Balthazar Returns With A Large Packet
3 The Interlinear - New Truths, Painful Truths
4 The Literary Society In The Ptolemaic Parlour
5 Scobie And Some Secrets
6 Nessim, Mountolive - And Justine
7 Balthazar Warns Clea
8 Justine - A Painting And A Kiss
9 'The Most Dangerous Thing In The World Is A Love Founded On Pity'
10 Nessim Leaves For Karm Abu Girg
11 Narouz - The Younger Brother
12 Their Mother, Leila
13 Leila, Once Beautiful And Rich
Disc 2
1 A Gallop - Nessim Confides In Narouz
2 Nessim Leaves For The City
3 The Interlinear: 'To Imagine Is Not Necessarily To Invent'
4 Pursewarden - The Writer
5 Justine - A Love Affair Begins
6 Love - A Whole Vocabulary Of Adjectives
7 Justine's Laughter
8 Narouz Decides To Act
9 Magzub And A Vision
10 Narouz Reports To Nessim
Disc 3
1 The Death Of Scobie
2 Pombal's Complications
3 Balthazar's Interlinear Continues
4 The Carnival In Alexandria
5 With Dominoes In Place, They Set Out For Fun
6 Toto, Pursewarden, Spumante, Mountolive
7 An Expected Surprise - A Death
8 Justine's Echo: Time Immemorial
9 Clea Reveals Her Encounter With Narouz
10 A Letter From Clea
11 A Letter From Pursewarden
12 The Oil In The Lamp Is Low