Apulanta - A (Waltari Amorphis Finnland)

Levy-Yhtiö Finland 2002

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Artist / Band: Apulanta
Title / Titel: A (Waltari Amorphis Finnland)
Label: Levy-Yhtiö Finland 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Circles 3:55
2. Within 3:10
3. Hell Yeah 3:28
4. Incomplete 3:50
5. Snakes 4:52
6. Bring me down 3:16
7. Falling 4:22
8. Human Desert 4:12
9. Hours 2:53
10. Twin Peaks 4:06

Associated Labels: Levy-yhtiö, Apulanta Oy, Päijät-Hämeen Sorto Ja Riisto, BMG Finland Oy, Terrier, Helsinki Heavy Metal Oy
Genres: Rock, Metal
Members: Toni Wirtanen, Simo „Sipe“ Santapukki, Antti Lautala, Sami Lehtinen, Amanda „Mandy“ Gaynor, Tuukka Temonen

Apulanta is a finnish Rockband, whose name translates "artificial fertilizer".
Their Music can be described as Alternative Rock with a pinch of Punk, almost like a mix of Waltari & Disco Ensemble. According to their own ironic statement they are responsible of making "Teen-Punk". Peaking pole positions in finnish charts since about ten years Apulanta is one of the most successful contemporary finnish Rockbands; in total they released nine full-length studio albums, numerous EPs and Singles since 1994, almost all of which ranked 1 in finnish charts. Mostly singing in english they received international attention throughout the years.
Bassist Tuukka Temonen is also known for directing the Video for Amorphis's "Alone"
"A" can be seen as A representative work by Apulanta and should be checked out by anyone who digs finish punk rock or anything of the like. Enjoy!