Auger, Brian's Oblivion Express

Voices Of Other Times

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Artist / Band: Auger, Brian's Oblivion Express
Title / Titel: Voices Of Other Times
Label: Fresh Fruit 2010
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. It Burns Me Up
2. Isola Natale
3. Voices Of Other Times
4. Splatch
5. Indian Rope Man
6. Soul Glow
7. Victor's Delight
8. Circles
9. Never Come Down
10. Jam Side Down
11. Indian Rope Man (Live In Switzerland)

Bass – Dan Lutz
Congas – Long John Oliva*
Drums – Karma D Auger*
Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Brian Auger
Guitar – Chris Clermont
Organ [Hammond B3] – Brian Auger
Percussion – Karma D Auger*
Piano [Korg S.g. Pro X Stage] – Brian Auger
Vocals – Savannah Auger