Austen, Jane

Mansfield Park / Juliet Stevenson

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Artist / Band: Austen, Jane
Title / Titel: Mansfield Park / Juliet Stevenson
Label: Naxos 1995
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Disc 1
1 Sir Thomas Bertram Of Mansfield Park
2 Fanny Price Comes To Mansfield Park
3 The Death Of Mr Norris
4 Mr And Miss Crawford Arrive
5 Mr Rushworth Aims His Attention At Miss Bertram
6 Edmund Bertram Offers His Mare To Miss Crawford
7 The Party Arrives At Sotherton
8 Fanny Is Left On Her Own
9 Fanny's First Ball
10 The Play - Lover's Vows
Disc 2
1 Fanny - An Actress?
2 Preparations For The Play Progress
3 'You Will Find Fanny Everything You Could Wish'
4 Fanny -The Only Young Woman In The Drawing-Room
5 Crawford's Barouche
6 Henry Crawford Plots A Diversion
7 Crawford Presses His Attentions
8 Jewellery For A Ball
9 The Day Of The Ball
10 Tranquillity And Vexation After The Ball
11 Henry Crawford Returns To Mansfield Park
12 Sir Thomas Intervenes
Disc 3
1 Fanny Stands Her Ground
2 Edmund Returns To Many Surprises
3 Miss Crawford Presses Her Brother's Suit
4 The Crawfords Depart
5 Fanny Returns Home
6 A Review Of The Two Houses
7 A Surprise Visitor
8 Another Appearance
9 A Letter From Edmund
10 Edmund Comes
11 A Happy Conclusion