Ayat - Six Years of Dormant Hatred

Moribund 2008

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Artist / Band: Ayat
Title / Titel: Six Years of Dormant Hatred
Label: Moribund 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Ilahiya Khinzir! (All Hail Allah The Swine) Filthy Fuck 4:29

2. Fornication And Murder Filthy Fuck 11:31 Nur Album
3. The Fine Art Of Arrogance .Part One. (The Icon And The Cattle) Filthy Fuck 4:47

4. Collective Suicide In The Boudoir (Feeling Wonderful Tonight) Filthy Fuck 2:11

5. Puking Under Radiant Moonlight (Followed By A Century Long Ejaculation) Filthy Fuck 10:15 Nur Album
6. Misogyny When We Embrace Filthy Fuck 5:26

7. Necronarcos (Tame You Death) Filthy Fuck 3:05

8. Curses! Curses! And Never Sleep? Filthy Fuck 5:05

9. Thousands Of Pissed Motherfuckers? Filthy Fuck 7:04

10. Such A Beautiful Day! (The Exaltation Of Saint Francis) Filthy Fuck 4:21