Banton, Pato

Spreading the good News: Live

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Artist / Band: Banton, Pato
Title / Titel: Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution - Spreading the good News: Live
Label: Rough Trade Distribution 2004
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Region: 0 - NTSC
RT: 92 mins.
Recorded live on Tour 2001 in Germany
Pato Banton is one of the most talked about and legendary reggae performers of all time. Each night is different, the band only knows which song is first... Pato directs the show depending on the energy and feedback from the fans. It is a totally unique experience each time, leaving the audience positively uplifted and irie.
This performance is from a reggae festival in Germany, with a crowd awaiting the positive vibrations that only Pato and the band can deliver... but now, we're live in your room... enjoy!

01 Good News
02 Now Generation
03 Settle Satan
04 Driving By Shooting
05 One World
06 Jamming
07 Bubbling Hot
08 Gwarn
09 Letter 2 Da Prezident
10 Never Give In
11 Life Is A Miracle
12 Pato's Opinion