Barker, Guy

The Amadeus Project

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Artist / Band: Barker, Guy
Title / Titel: The Amadeus Project
Label: ESIP 2007
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU digipack

Disk: 1
1. Prologue
2. A Guy, Three Chicks And A Big Snake
3. Part I: The Viper
4. Part II: Three Ladies-In-Wanting
5. Part III: Bird Carter
6. Part IV: Queen Righteous
7. Ghost Dance
8. Trick Of The Night
9. On Temple Street
10. Many Spendid Things
11. Power Trip
12. The Last Waltz
13. Coda: Everything Happens To Bobby

Disk: 2
1. Wolfie
2. How Sweet The Breeze
3. Piccolo Part I: Serpent's Teeth
4. Part II: Les Trois Dames
5. Part III: Pamina's Portrait
6. Part IV: Finale 'In Colin's Town'
7. Cruel Stars And Sighs
8. Weeping And Wailing