Barrett, Darren - The Attack Of Wren: Wrenaissance Vol.1

Nagel Heyer 2004

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Artist / Band: Barrett, Darren
Title / Titel: The Attack Of Wren: Wrenaissance Vol.1
Label: Nagel Heyer 2004
Format: CD
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1. Wren's Theme #1
2. Until I See You
3. Come on Let's Go
4. Time Alone With You
5. Portland & Hanover Vibration
6. Way I Like to Do It
7. Drop It Don't Stop It
8. Forever with You
9. Ina It
10. Stay Focused
11. On This Special Day
12. Wren Plus Mywren

Collin Barrett - Bass (Electric), Mixing, Producer
Darren Barrett - Electronic Valve Instrument, Engineer, Flugelhorn, Liner Notes, Producer, Trumpet
Florian Sommer - Mastering
Jeremy Landess - Bass (Electric)
Myron Walden - Sax (Alto)
Tony Barrett - Guitar (Acoustic), Liner Notes, Producer
Walter 'Kid' Smith - Sax (Tenor)
Wesley Wirth - Bass (Electric)