Bio Ritmo

Rumba Baby Rumba (Triloka)

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Artist / Band: Bio Ritmo
Title / Titel: Rumba Baby Rumba (Triloka)
Label: Triloka 2000
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Yo Soy la Rumba
2. Call Me up (644-7215)
3. Bin Bin
4. What I Want to Say
5. You Killed My Love
6. Tequila
7. Ugly
8. Carnaval en la Habana
9. You Rule over Me
10. Palabra
11. Sientate Ahi
12. Night Music

Bio Ritmo - Main Performer
Bob Miller - Choir, Chorus, Flugelhorn, Percussion, Trumpet
Chris Moody - Clarinet (Bass), Percussion, Saxophone
Doug Dobey - Design, Illustrations
Greg Calbi - Morisca
Jeffrey Lesser - Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Telephone Voice
Jim Thomson - Bongos, Choir, Chorus, Cowbell, Percussion, Vocals
Kip Dawkins - Photography
Rene Herrera - Arranger, Choir, Chorus, Percussion, Tres, Trombone, Vocals

Initially an experimental percussion ensemble, the Virginia-based sextet has turned towards dance-inspiring Latin music. With their groove-induced blend of salsa and rhumba, the group has successfully toured with Latin artists (Tito Puente), reggae performers (Burning Spear), and neo-swing groups (the Squirrel Nut Zippers).