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Artist / Band: Bonaparte
Title / Titel: Too Much / Blood, Sweat & Würstchen LTD + Live-CD
Label: Excelsior
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU Digipack plus Bonus CD mit Live-Tracks

Disk: 1
1. Do You Want To Party
2. Who Took The Pill?
3. Too Much
4. Anti Anti
5. Ego
6. Tu me molas
7. Wrygdwylife?
8. Blow It Up
9. Lvdngrslvngklls
10. I Can't Dance
11. No,I'm Against It!
12. A-A-Ah
13. Bienvenido(Reprise)
14. Gigolo vagabundo
15. Too Much(Video)
16. I Can't Dance(Video)
17. Anti Anti(Video)
18. No,I'm Against It!(Video)
19. Wrygdwylife?(Video)
20. Who Took The Pill(Video)

Disk: 2
1. Do You Want To Party (Live At Admiralspalast Berlin)
2. Tu Me Molas (Live At Festsaal Kreuzberg)
3. Wrygdwylife? (Live At Dachstock Bern)
4. Anti Anti (Live At Admiralspalast Berlin)
5. Ego (Live In The Emperor s Brain)
6. I CanT Dance (Live At Dachstock Bern)
7. Blow It Up (Live In Carlos Cellar Dungeon)
8. A-A-Ah (Live At Mrs. Bonaparte s Château)
9. Killing Time (Bosie Sold His Soul To The Devil)
10. Interlude: Xixi s Paranoid Panamanian Fruit Salad
11. Who Took The Pill (Live At Grand Theatre Groningen)
12. Too Much (Live In The Bloody Bunny s Costume)
13. Interlude: Le Strip De Lulu Le Squelette (Lecon 01)
14. Bienvenido (Live In Between Caesar s Stripes)
15. No, I m Against It! (Live At Admiralspalast Berlin)
16. Lvdngrslvngklls (Live In Cannonman s Helmet)
17. Gigolo Vagabundo (Live Somewhere Im Grenzbereich)
18. Anti Anti (Reprise Welcome To Madness...)
19. Blow It Up (Jazz & Cheese At The Kaiser s House)

Members: Tobias Jundt (Monsieur Bonaparte), Uri Gincel (Uri Gaga), Moritz Baumgärtner (Murat le Bâumgärthè)
Genres: Rock, Punk, Indie Rock, Dance-Punk, Electronic Rock, Visual Trash Punk, Lo-Fi

Special Edition release of Bonapartes legendary debut album "Too Much". It certainly wasn't too much for our ears though it could be too much for yours: if you don't like fusion of styles in punky funky electronically wound up modern rock music, stay away from this record, if you do like to throw everything into a blender and digitally shift it to new levels: there you go, this album is for you. The live charme of Bonapartes shows is undisputable, unfortunately the pack doesn't come with a DVD, as the live performances are visually mindblowing experiences: colourful, crazy, cocky. The energy comes through with the audio nonetheless and add as a cool gymmyc to the album. Have fun!